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GoSure- Machine Readable Counterfeit Protection

Bsecure and HP Indigo have joined forces to combat counterfeiting- introducing GoSure, the

machine-readable counterfeit protection solution developed for printing on HP Indigo digital presses.

GoSure consists of two elements- GoSure security ink, formulated for printing on HP Indigo digital presses, and the GoSure authenticator, a convenient handheld verification device.

GoSure ink is provided in a form of an ink can, and is easy to print as any normal ink.

The printer and its customer have lot of freedom for integration of the security ink into the existing graphics, and then print altogether in one-pass the graphic and the GoSure ink.

The GoSure is a covert counterfeit protection, detected by using the GoSure authenticator.

GoSure can be serialized by combining it with track-and-trace and authenticity serial numbers,

a key use of digital printing technology.

The GoSure authenticator is small and easy to use. Just press the button and place the reader

on the security mark. If the green light is on and a beep sounds: the item is authentic!

Customized applications can be provided to meet the specific needs of printers and their customers.

Bsecure provides training and service for the use of GoSure applications and authenticators,

while HP Indigo provides the support for using the ink on the presses.

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