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Protect document integrity with Bsecure's proven overt and covert solutions

About Us

Bsecure is a full-service brand and document protection consulting and integration organization

Protect your brand

Bsecure protects your product all the way — from the product to its packaging (primary and

secondary) and throughout the supply chain, Major brand owners put their faith in our unique technologies.

Our machine-readable inks are used for printing on any substrate of the package or label, in any color and every printed message, for immediate authentication using a proprietary optical reader

If your company needs to​​

Protect valuable documents, merchandise and brands

Put a stop to counterfeiting and forgery

Track and trace merchandise on the shelf and in transit

Prevent gray market diversion

Stop inventory shrinkage

Prevent tampering

Easy to Implement

Our proprietary machine-readable security solutions are easy to implement.     Each solution consists of two parts-a unique security ink printed on the document or on the label or packaging of the product to be protected, and an optical reader for authentication.

Our security inks are compatible with digital printing, such as inkjet or HP Indigo.    Also compatible with conventional printing techniques like offset, flexo, silkscreen and gravure.

Tamper Evident Substrates

Substrate with covert security having fibers and highlights visible with UV light.

Security Labels

Bsecure provides a wide array of features to authenticate your product.

Covert Variable Data Feature

Secure the supply-chain with hidden variable data.


Customer Satisfaction

Amongst our customer base are international corporations who have repeatedly chosen our SecuSystem 3rd level security technology.  


For more than 15 years, these corporations rely upon SecuSystem to protect against counterfeiting.    This is a sign of proven customer satisfaction.  And SecuSystem has never been compromised.

SecuSystem is admissible as evidence in a court of law.  Several times over the years, our customers have relied upon Bsecure and SecuSystem to protect them in the courts.

Protect your documents

Protect document integrity with Bsecure's proven overt and covert solutions. Our solutions protect all types of certificates, licenses, registrations, and official documents. Our proven technologies are trusted by governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide.​

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